Mechanical Workshop Manager

Lagos, Nigeria

The Workshop Manager will manage all daily operations for all work activities and maintenance functions. The Manager will be responsible for driving revenue, profitability and quality of work; perform incoming and outgoing inspection on all parts and assemblies and perform or assist in tasks for quick and thorough completion.

Specific Responsibilities

                    Oversee workshop activities by planning and monitoring work and provide technical assistance.

                    Responsible for the quality of work carried out and performs incoming and outgoing inspections on all parts and jobs.

                    Responsible for the day to day health and safety of technicians and the safe and efficient running of the mechanical workshop.

                    Supervise a process of preventive maintenance of equipment to minimize major breakdowns

                    Create and implement process flows for the workshop.

                    Responsible for budgets for purchasing materials machine tools.

                    Create and manage database for job orders and job completions.

                    Manage stock levels of materials and tools.

                    Participate in project reviews and giving advice to project managers and team leaders.

                    Develop and manage a strategic business plan for expanding and maintaining client base for increased revenue through equipment rentals and repair/maintenance services

                    Ensure effective client relations and satisfaction.

                    Responsible for providing appropriate equipment for jobs on-site or off-site.

                    Ensure the safety of all equipment and assigned employees

                    Allocate resources effectively for optimal results.

                    Prepare the necessary monthly report for all moving and running machineries

Required Competencies, Knowledge and Skills

                    Excellent analytical, organizing and problem solving skills

                    Excellent computer skills; MS word, excel and project management software

                    Must be sales oriented to drive towards increased unit revenues through equipment rental and repair/maintenance services

                    Ability to lead and manage staff

                    Demonstrate independent work initiatives, sound judgment, diplomacy etc.

                    Excellent oral and written communication.

                    Adequate knowledge of management principles (lead generation, budgeting, strategic planning, resource allocation etc.)

                    Presentation and reporting skills.

                    Knowledge of industry standard equipment and technical know-how

                    Knowledge of safety, quality, productivity, demand creation, inventory etc.

                    Team building abilities, decision making and people management

Education and Experience

                    6-7 years experience in managing Functional Workshop.

                    Qualifications in operations management/engineering/related fields

What's great in the job?

  • You get leads and focus on providing value to them
  • Interesting projects and people
  • Large apps scope: CRM, MRP, Project Mgt, etc.
  •  Opportunity to build your team
  • High commissions for good performers