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Our world class equipment leaves your project with the Midas Touch.

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Welcome to DTV Construction & Equipment

Our construction arm has constructed hundreds of buildings across the nation using state of equipment with top-notched professionalism. We have a fleet of construction and heavy-duty equipment that help you complement your construction goals.

No Stress; More Productivity

We have the construction you are looking for. Our machines are without hassles with professionalism guaranteed.

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About Us

Just like us at DTV, our equipment and rental unit over the years has stood the test of time with advancements in technology. Our machines are not just world-class, they help add value to your project.

Construction Services

We Have the Construction Equipment and Services You Need 

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Whether large or small scale, we have all it takes for your construction. From foundation to demolition; we have got all it takes.

Here are our offerings:

  • Building Construction

  • Industrial Construction

  • Infrastructure Development

  • Facility Services, etc

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Project / Construction Management

At DTV Construction we ensure effective project management starting with identifying project requirements and machine skills to desired taste.
Here are our offerings:

  • Planning

  • Cost Management

  • Quality Checks, etc

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Bespoke Design & Implementation

Our machine makes concrete construction easy. Irrespective of the project's size, we have the equipment capable of birthing your end goal.

Here are our offerings:

  • Integrated Design Services, etc

Available for Rental

You Are Only a Finger Tip Away!

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Function: Heavy Load Carriage


Fuel: Diesel

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Transit Concrete Mixer

Function: Cement / Granite

Model: Vector Tracker

Fuel: Diesel

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Stationary Concrete Mixer

Function: Cement / Sand / Granite Mixer

Model: SILLA

Fuel: Diesel

Get Started Today!

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We help you save costs.

Provide you access to modern equipment.

You don't need to worry about mobilization, we move swiftly.

No need to worry about maintenance & compliance with standard regulations.

We have over 60 Years of construction experience.

Get our machine and feel the power of excellence!